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                        ×Don't miss out! See our Christmas delivery cut-off and opening hours here.

                        About Rubber Monkey

                        About Rubber Monkey

                        Our goal is to shatter the idea that because New Zealand has a small population, we should pay more and get less! We are driven to compete with global pricing and provide you with the fastest delivery we can.

                        Open 9am till 5pm
                        Wellington: Level 1, 80 Adelaide Road, Mt Cook
                        Auckland: 130 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton
                        0800 4MONKEY

                        WHERE IT ALL STARTED
                        After four years as a Video Production and Rentals company, we here at Rubber Monkey had grown tired of the constant struggle to source equipment at reasonable prices. We knew the NZ film industry was at a disadvantage so in 2010 we decided to take this issue into our own hands. As a local New Zealand store we wanted to provide great customer service, with fast delivery nationwide, whilst still offering competitive pricing that stacks up against the global market. We built up Rubber Monkey by making sure we had top products, top staff, and top relationships with our customers. And here we are today!

                        WHERE WE ARE NOW
                        These days Rubber Monkey is known to most as a reseller of Pelican Cases, Photography, Video, Audio, and Technology products. But we aim to stand for so much more. We spend each day working on sourcing better pricing for our customers, faster delivery, and offering access to the best possible range of products. We love to support our Local NZ suppliers, and when we can't source locally, we do everything we can to source your item globally to ensure you don’t miss out.

                        In 2015 we opened our first Auckland branch where customers could pick up, demo, return items, or just drop in to say hello. In Wellington, we have a large warehouse holding stock of thousands of our regular selling products, and a showroom where customers are always welcome to come for a visit, a yarn, and a coffee.

                        Our ultimate goal is to shatter the idea that because New Zealand has a small population, we should pay more and get less. We are proud to compete with prices globally and provide you with the fastest delivery option possible. We know these days customers have loads of options when it comes to buying online and we like to think we can be your first and trusted choice when it comes to Audio Visual gear. We want you to have a positive experience every time you visit our website and showroom or chat with one of our staff.

                        We are always happy to improve our service, price match with other companies, and help you find exactly what you need. If you are having any trouble with our service, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what is going on sales@rubbermonkey.co.nz .

                        The Monkeys

                        Meet our team


                        Patrick Wood

                        Auckland Sales & Support

                        Ben Gregory

                        Wellington Sales & Support

                        Jack Fisher

                        Wellington Sales & Support

                        Andrew Sclater

                        Rentals Manager

                        Daniel Kunz

                        Warehouse Manager

                        Glenn Miers

                        Sales Manager

                        Jodie Stocker

                        Assistant Manager/Accounts

                        Katie Aldridge

                        Warehouse Assistant

                        Krina Nagar

                        Junior Developer

                        Kylie de Beer

                        Operations Administrator

                        Laura Ryan

                        Office Administrator

                        Laurence Alexander

                        General Manager

                        Liz Perryman

                        Web Administrator Lead

                        Mia Gorczynski

                        Web Administrator

                        Nicole McGeorge

                        Graphic & Web Content Designer

                        Oscar Alty

                        Warehouse Assistant

                        Phil Cox

                        Head of Technology