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                        8000+ IN STOCK Thousands of products in stock in our NZ warehouse
                        FAST DELIVERY Order in stock items by 1p.m. for overnight delivery!
                        INTEREST FREE AVAILABLE Interest free options on 1000's of products
                        GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE 4.9 / 5 rating on Google

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                        What our customers are saying

                        "Excellent service. Item was in stock, ordered from my phone and it shipped that day. Received it the next day. Great stuff! "
                        Mark Hughes
                        "great team to deal with"
                        David Hamilton
                        "I find their service is very good - with items in stock being couriered very quickly, and they are always very good in keeping you in the loop about current and back orders. I find that their pricing is generally as good as or better than most other suppliers (in the photographic/video field)."
                        Steve Raynes
                        "Great store for purchases and rentals. Employees are very professional and friendly and they provide great service. Their selection of products is solid and their website is awesome. What more can you ask for?"
                        Cédric Paulhiac
                        "I recommend Rubber Monkey wholeheartedly for their prices, service and professionalism. Tripod received as advertised and delivery was prompt. Very happy!"
                        Ken Chee
                        "Awesome service. I was under the pump for a birthday present. Shipped from NZ to Sydney and only took 2 business days. A+"
                        daniel webb
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